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Saving Uyghur books online

One aspect of the current war on Uyghur identity and culture is the mass disappearance of Uyghur publications and attempted rubbing out of Uyghur literary traditions. Seeking to play my small part in “saving the books” I recently added a new page to this website called eLibrary. On this page I have started putting up reasonably good pdf scans of physical books that I and my friends have in our

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Memtimin Hoshur: This is Not a Dream, Part 1

One of Memtimin Hoshur’s longer short stories, This Is Not A Dream (بۇ چۈش ئەمەس), could be described as a romantic tragedy.  The story was turned into a movie by director Shirzat Yaqup, with music by Mexmut Sulayman (currently one of the coaches on the The Voice of the Silk Road).  My translation of This Is Not A Dream will hopefully be published in the near future.  In the meantime,

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Works of Memtimin Hoshur: The Test

Memtimin Hoshur has been writing stories for more than five decades and it is no surprise to find works of very different kinds in his corpus. This story was written in 1961, in a period of intense socialist construction in China, complete with radical labels and slogans. The political background weighs heavily upon this story, effectively turning it into a propaganda piece. It is impossible to imagine Hoshur writing such

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Asterix translator Anthea Bell on literary translators.

Asterix translator Anthea Bell on literary translators. One language is not enough for bookworms. If you want to read books in the original, ironically enough you qualify yourself to be a translator. There are in fact no special qualifications. I feel upset when young people write to me saying they’ve never done a post-graduate course in translation theory; can they still become translators? Translation theory is probably fun in its

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Works of Memtimin Hoshur: The Boy Who Was Taken to the City

Memtimin Hoshur is probably the best-known and loved Uyghur writer alive today. I was privileged to meet him recently and speak with him about translating some of his works into English for publication. With his kind agreement, I have started the process of translating some of his short stories for publication. In the near future I hope to have his romantic tragedy This is not a dream published as an

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Uyghur’s myriad verb forms produce over 42 million words

In a previous post I wrote about the latest candidate for longest word in the Uyghur language. In that post we saw that agglutinative languages like Uyghur can produce extremely long words. Another feature of such languages is the sheer number verbs forms that can be produced.  Mood, voice, aspect, tense person and number are all conveyed by suffixes which must be attached to the root verb in the appropriate

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Who We Are

This site has something for English-speakers with a general interest in Uyghur language and culture as well as for Uyghurophiles and budding uyghurshunaslar who are looking for resources to help them take their Uyghur language to another level.