About Uyghurche

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“Uyghurche” means “in the Uyghur way,” and this is the common way to refer to the Uyghur language.

This website is about Uyghur language learning and translation, literature, films, songs, culture, and so on. It also has insights about the closely related Uzbek language and the medieval literary language called Chaghatay.

This site will interest English-speaking Uyghurophiles and budding uyghurshunaslar who are looking for resources to help them take their Uyghur language and cultural understanding to another level.  Once you have worked your way through the available elementary and lower intermediate texts (like this), there is not much around. This is where we need to be creative in using real language material to consolidate and then continue to advance our language level. I plan to post everything from language tips to movie reviews. I will do my best to keep everything neatly categorized so you can easily find what you are interested in.