Saving Uyghur books online

One aspect of the current war on Uyghur identity and culture is the mass disappearance of Uyghur publications and attempted rubbing out of Uyghur literary traditions.

Seeking to play my small part in “saving the books” I recently added a new page to this website called eLibrary. On this page I have started putting up reasonably good pdf scans of physical books that I and my friends have in our possession. In most cases you will find a clickable square on first (cover) page which takes you to the table of contents. The items in the table of contents are linked to the relevant start page, and the chapter headings all link back to the table of contents. I hope that it will make it a little easier to move around inside these otherwise rather clunky pdf files.

Future plans for the eLibrary

What I have now on the eLibrary is very modest indeed. As the number of scanned and uploaded books increases I anticipate developing this part of the site into a more user friendly electronic library where books can be searched or by Author, Title, Category and so on.

Another thing I would love to do, pending availability of relevant OCR software, is offer fully searchable texts of each and every publication.

Other online Uyghur book repositories

The eLibrary on this site is by no means the only repository for scanned or electronic books in the Uyghur language. The following is a list of other websites which offer downloads of Uyghur books. They vary greatly in quality and user-friendliness, but you can find all kinds of interesting literary works if you have some time to go looking.


Türkistaniy Kutupxanisi has all kinds of fascinating books, journals and newspapers in a number of languages in addition to Uyghur.

Uyghur Akadëmiyisi offers a library with shared OneDrive folders.

Uyghur Kitab Tor Bëkiti

Yanghin Ëlkitab Ambiri

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